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Marketing Automation Strategies to Improve Sales


You may invest a lot of money to build your website and attract customers. But if you get fewer customers and sales than you hoped for, you may be forced to borrow money or shed of some workers. All the money you spend on SEO and other traffic building strategies will show little or no return if you do not transform leads into customers.


Sales conversion is where you earn money. As your sales conversion goes up your cost per customer decreases and your profit raises even higher. A marketing automation system can help you transform leads faster, and therefore you can earn a return on your investment sooner.Also, it can help you get customers to buy your products more often.


An automation system is made of a server-based software that automates processes for each contact. This system is not just an auto-responder; it integrates a customer relationship management, regulations, and other critical functions to help boost your business sales. The following are marketing automation strategies to help convert leads into buyers.


Lead scoring; this technique enables you to rank your contacts in response to the actions they take after they check on your website. Lead ranking helps know how are your qualified leads so that you can direct them to the sales conversion sequence. Try it now!


Tagging: This is a way of subdividing your leads to enable you to convert leads into sales. An automation system can tag your points by the advertising source, contact type, and other relevant information. It is also possible to tag them by email links they use, or when they log in a particular page of your site. Your marketing automation system can put them into a custom sequence of messages that are appropriate to the tag. This will ensure that the followup messages can be personalized to their needs and wants.


SMS texting: this is a speedy and more dependable way of sending information compared to email or print. A larger percentage of the people will read their message within few minutes of receiving it. Testing has a higher engagement compared to an email. Therefore, you not only get your message read faster but also your contact is also more engaged. For more facts and information about online marketing, visit


Split testing:  an automation system can enable you to split test two or more sales letters or emails. This will help you find out the message that produces best results in sales conversion.


If you do not have an automation system for your business, think of getting one. The good thing about this systems is that they are affordable for small businesses. Visit website here!